American Tax Policy Institute

Propose a Conference

The American Tax Policy Institute (ATPI) makes grants to support research on important aspects of tax policy.  It is pleased to request proposals for such grants for Conferences as described below.


ATPI is seeking proposals for it to sponsor one- or two-day conferences on topics that will offer scholars, experts, practitioners, opinion leaders, and policymakers an in-depth and ground-breaking analysis of critical tax policy issues.  Such conferences should normally involve new papers that are prepared and discussed by experts from the economics, accounting and legal fields, and should give experts in the different fields the opportunity to interact.

ATPI would expect to fund the expenses of the organizer of a conference rather than to organize a conference itself.  In addition, ATPI's Director of Projects and one or more of its board members would work with the organizer to determine mutually agreeable topics, speakers, commentators, date, location and other procedures.  ATPI will fund travel, administrative and other expenses, and possibly honoraria, for such conferences.  The conferences should be open to the public, including the press, and should allow for audience participation.  Normally the conference should be held in Washington, DC so that government persons can easily attend.  ATPI will look favorably on proposals involving more than one co-sponsor sharing the cost of a conference.

A person seeking a grant to organize a conference should provide a detailed description of the proposed conference and the background of the organizers. The programs for recent ATPI conferences are available for inspection here.  The description should include the conference format, a list of proposed topics for papers, potential speakers, the timing of the project, a proposed location, a detailed budget, and any other potential sources of funds.  ATPI may be able to assist in procuring a location in Washington DC if necessary.

Requests will first be reviewed by the ATPI Director of Projects and the Projects Committee, which may suggest revisions to grant requests to maximize the likelihood of the request being approved by the ATPI Board of Trustees.  As noted above, once the grant is approved, ATPI will work with the organizer in putting on the conference.

A grant proposal may be submitted at any time during the year. The ATPI board of trustees generally will consider proposals at one of its semiannual meetings in the Spring and the Fall.  However, if special circumstances make quicker action desirable, special telephonic meetings of the board are possible.  In any event, it is advisable to contact the Director of Projects regarding a possible proposal well in advance of a board meeting.  This will permit him or her and the Projects Committee to have time to review the proposal and to make suggestions to maximize the likelihood that it will be approved by the board.

For Additional Information and Grant Requests

Please submit any questions or proposals to Dennis Zimmerman, the Director of Projects, at