• 51st Annual Spring Symposium, 2021: Tax Policy for an Inclusive Post-Pandemic Recovery
    May 13-14, 2021 Virtually on Zoom
    The Symposium will be presented in association with the American Tax Policy Institute.
    Policies that foster inclusiveness bring new ideas and drive economic growth. The 2021 National Tax Association Spring Symposium will bring together a diverse set of perspectives to discuss fiscal policy for an inclusive, post-pandemic recovery. The conference will include voices from current and former government policy makers, academic researchers, practitioners, and the popular press. Speakers will discuss a range of topics including racial and gender bias, capital gains tax reform, tax regulation, bankruptcy, the social safety net, NOLs, student loans, and evidence-based policy.
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  • Taxation and Gender Equality Conference – Research Roundtable and Policy Program.
    The Conference will explore the interaction between tax law and gender equality. The goal of the Conference is to shine a spotlight on gender issues in taxation and to bring consideration of gender impacts into mainstream discussions surrounding the enactment and administration of tax laws. The intended scope of the Conference is broad, focusing not only on gender issues in U.S. tax law but also on gender issues in the tax laws of other countries; it will consider all taxes, whether income, consumption, transfer, wealth, or other national-level taxes, as well as subnational taxes.
    This conference has been postponed due to the pandemic.